Verizon: End of Unlimited-Data Shared Plans

Buying a refurbished cell phone may be cost effectiveIf you are in the habit of buying the latest phone, you may want to look into the used and refurbished cell phone market. Verizon released the full details of what plans will be available June 28th and for all those customers with Unlimited data that will eventually be forced off, unless they buy used cell phones. The new plans are… confusing at best and expensive at worst. It seems everyone gets a kick in the wallet once this new plan kicks in, and shared plans are the ones getting the biggest hit. Below are the confusing details.


Verizon Data plans

It’s a bit of a puzzle…

Some folks online are complaining of a bill jump from anywhere between $10-$50 depending on who is sharing, if they are a family or how many devices they may have. The fine print is even worse, charging you $15 for every 300mb on a data only device (such as tablets), while it is $15 overage charge per 1GB for cell phones. There seems to be only one escape, if you want to keep Verizon’s service, which is to go the used or refurbished cell phone route.

Why Getting A Used and Refurbished Cell Phone Could Save You Money

I mentioned my thoughts on switching to Virgin Mobile this coming September, and I think I may just do that, unless we keep getting phones in our store I am able to jump into. As for everyone else who wants to keep unlimited data once this kicks in, you’ll have to purchase used or refurbished cell phones or pay full price at the Verizon store.  If you want to buy an iPhone for the subsidized price of $200 with contract, you’ll have to choose between these plans, as your unlimited data plan no longer exists. More and more providers plans are looking tempting, especially ones using Verizon Wireless’ network as their own network, such as PagePlus.

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