Verizon Wireless Releasing App Store

I’m a little late on this, but I’m definitely interested in how this is/will be playing out. Verizon Wireless has officially announced that they will be releasing their own app store, called the V Cast Store, which will first be available for new and refurbished Blackberry phones. I’ve read several articles claiming that the V Cast Store would be unveiled on March 29th, yet five minutes of Googling (which the maximum amount of time I’m willing to Google any particular subject in this day and age) has yet to reveal anything exciting (and it’s April 6th).

I did go to Verizon’s website and found a tiny little link for apps but if the page it took me to is there new “big app store” that will compete with the iPhone and Blackberry’s app stores, my only response is, “Really?”

Now, I understand that Verizon has been around for a long time and that a lot of people who live in remote areas of the US have been loyal to Verizon and are thankful that Verizon covered them when no one else would but, for me, Verizon has always been a day late and a dollar short. Their phones are always the biggest versions in size and at the bottom on the “cool” list. The only thing keeping them in the game, as far as the technological forefront is concerned, is the Android platform, but it seems inevitable that Google will offer their own service via Voice Over IP in the near future, so who knows how long the Google/Verizon thing will last. If I were a Verizon customer, I’d be counting the days until my contract was up.

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