Want to Make Your Own Cell Phone?

The huge influx of Androids, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and other “App” capable devices have allowed every-day people with a little coding knowledge to create their own programs. Everything from finding happy hour specials at local bars to doctors being able to analyze x-rays can now be seen in apps for mobile devices. This open-source theme, is about to take a step to the next level.

Bug Labs, a small firm out of New York, is attempting to provide this freedom to not only applications, but the devices themselves. Using their hardware, anyone can invent a device that will be compatible with their mobile plans. Pete Semmelhack, CEO of Bug Labs, explained to the New York Observer, “Right now there are hundreds of thousands of apps but only a few dozen mobile devices. We want to create an ecosystem for mobile hardware that is just as robust as the one which exists for software.”

While this may sound like an implausible dream, wireless powerhouses AT&T and Verizon have already signed into partnerships with the growing company, and it is likely that more will sign on. But why would these companies want to create a partnership that will decrease the sales of their cell phones? Put simply, data plans! This new method will flood the market with more devices that convince consumers to purchase the $20+ monthly data plans.

This will surely make cell phones cheaper, but Bug Labs has plans that go beyond just phones. Some devices will be created by companies for specialized needs, like tracking the direction of prevailing winds during a forest fires. Other devices will be created for the mass markets to fill every-day needs of every-day people. When the power of creation is put into the hands of the people, the possibilities are endless.

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