We Pay Top Dollar for iPhone 4 Trade Ins!

The past couple weeks we have seen a spike in iPhone 4 trade ins and we just want to assure you all that we will beat competitors offers! Even if you don’t have an iphone 4, we take trade ins of all iPhones, from the iPhone 3g, to the very first iPhone! the iPhone 4s is a huge hit, and we want to help you get the cash to put towards your iPhone upgrade. We also know that not everyone has an iPhone so I want to double assure you all that the “beat competitors offers” is true for ALL trade ins. Used Droids, Used Blackberrys and Used Windows phones all get the same treatment as any other major trade in.

We want to help keep cellphones out of landfills and you can be a part of that too. By trading in your cellphone, no matter what make or model, you’re helping reduce the number of cellphones put into our environment. Electronics, and especially their batteries, can be incredibly harmful to animals, plants and the very water we drink. Can you guess how many phones get dumped every year? A thousand? A hundred thousand? Maybe even a million!? If you guessed any of those you would be wrong. Over 130 million cellphones end up in our landfills every year… Every. Year.

Even if you phone hold no value, send us your old and used phones! We recycle your phones for free, making sure the batteries and plastics get recycled correctly and safely. Look through your old junk drawer, if you have one, two, even a dozen old phones send us a quote request at www.thebluedot.net/tradein to see if you can get any cash for your old phones. Even if they have no value, box them all up together and mail it to us so we can get it disposed of safely. Help us make the world a little bit greener by trading in or recycling your old phones with us, TheBlueDot.

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