What Cell Phones Do Celebrities Use?

What Cell Phones Do Celebrities Use?So you’re looking for the perfect new cell phone and you really want to make a statement with your new gadget, so you look to the stars… You ask yourself, what cell phones do celebrities use? Many people want to know what their favorite celebrities are using, before purchasing their new cell phones because they really want to stand out from the crowd.

Obsession With Celebrities And Cell Phones

For too many people, their cell phone is like a part of them – it’s their life line, so that’s why this is such a major life decision!  Also, for truly die-hard fans, it’s a way to sort of “connect” with their favorite celebrity icons, by using the same exact phones or gadgets that they use.

A lot of people want to live the life of the rich and famous, so the closest and easiest way to be “like the stars” is to have the same phone.  Phone makers everywhere have latched onto this star appeal and regularly give away free phones to celebs to help pump up their brands.

Ironically, many celebs don’t actually endorse particular cell phones, they just happen to be photographed while they’re out and about sucked into texting and/or talking on their favorite cell phones.  It looks like cellphones are just as much of an obsession for the rich and the famous as they are for your average Joe or Jane.

So, before you make the ultimate decision in the purchase of your new smartphone, you want to know which phones your favorite celebs are sporting these days?

Celebrities That Use The iPhone:

Halle Berry (former Blackberry user); Justin Bieber; Kim Kardashian (former Blackberry user) Kanye West; Pink; Vanessa Hudgens; Super Model Oksana Lysenko; Jessica Alba (former Blackberry user); Kate Hudson; Sarah Michelle Gellar; Selena Gomez; Victoria Beckham; Lenny Kravitz; Denise Richards; Ashley Tisdale; Sharon Stone; Miley Cyrus; Olivia Wilde; George Clooney; LeAnn Rimes; Tyrese; Megan Fox; Pamela Anderson; Mischa Barton; Demi Moore; Mary-Kate Olsen.

Celebrities That Use The Blackberry:

Eva Longoria; Leonardo DiCaprio; Courtney Cox; Reese Witherspoon; Serena Williams; Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor (also a spokesman for BlackBerry India); Ben Affleck; Gisele Bundchen; Lucy Liu; Shenae Grimes; Lindsay Lohan; Donnie Wahlberg; Eva Mendes; Rihanna; Kim Kardashian; Paris Hilton; Lady Gaga; Kirsten Dunst; Nicki Minaj; Jennifer Hudson.

Celebrities That Use The Samsung Galaxy Note II: 

LeBron James; tennis player David Ferrer.

So there you have it…it seems that the iPhone is a more popular choice among the stars, with many iPhone users being former Blackberry users!

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  • Jon

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy S 3 not because a celebrity has the phone but because it is a Great Phone, no more Motorola phones for me !

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