What to Expect in Tech in 2013

2013 techIt’s our second day into 2013 and we’re already really excited for what’s to come this year in tech. Most of these devices won’t be much of a surprise, while others may come out even later than the end of 2013… or not at all. So what should we expect this year in everything electronic?

Apple iPhone 5s? - Every year Apple comes out with a new iPhone, but there is a pattern to their device upgrades. Every even year is a new number phone, while every odd year is an upgraded version of the previous year. Much like the iPhone 3gs is to the 3g, and the iPhone 4s is to the iPhone 4. So what should we expect from the iPhone 5(?)? I have no idea, and I am sure only people in Apple actually know. Most likely it will have more advance voice recognition, better hardware, and possibly NFC technology. This iteration of iPhone may be worth selling your iPhone 4s for.

Xbox 720 - We may not see this console released in 2013, but we probably will see what this new console has in store. Most likely this new console will have more advance graphics capabilities and beefier hardware to handle an upgraded Kinect. Although motion controls were a huge failure for Sony’s Playstation Move, it was a gigantic success for Microsoft. They sold a record breaking 8 million units in the first 60 days of being sold, and have sold 18 million by January 2012. There is almost no way Microsoft will release a new console without a new updated Kinect.

Rise of the Phablet - With the success of the Samsung Note II it will be no surprise to see several other “phablets” being released in 2013. This year we may see a dozen or so new devices, all over sized phones and miniature

A phone that's more like a tablet, or a tablet that's more like a phone?

A phone that’s more like a tablet, or a tablet that’s more like a phone?

tablets. The word “phablet”, which I hate, is the merger of Phone and Tablet. A phone with a massive screen like a tablet, but able to make phone calls like a cell phone. Yes, it looks comical when someone actually makes phone calls on it, but the Note II screens are quite beautiful. Even I was tempted to pick one up, until I tried to fit it into my pocket…

Windows 8 Tablets & Phones - There is still some excitement behind Microsoft’s new operating system, mostly in how well it works with other Windows 8 devices. There are already quite a few Windows phones and tablet on the market, but we’ll probably see them in more regularity in the up coming months. With Windows Surface Pro coming out next month, anticipation is high.

More 3D TV’s - If Movies are any indication, 3D isn’t going anywhere, at least for another year. What this means is more companies trying to push HD3D televisions. The major failing of 3D is the requirement to wear glasses in order to see the effect, but this may all change in the next coming years. Toshiba is hard at work attempting to sell a glasses free 3D TV in 2013, which can only be viewed from a specific sweet spot, much like the Nintendo 3DS. As more advancements are made with this technology, we will probably see bigger and cheaper glasses 3D TV’s on shelves by the next holiday season.

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