What’s New in Cellphone News?

Used cell phoneSometimes there are tons of things to write about. Lots of new tech and new software coming out every week, makes it really easy to write about. But not today! Today there are just little snippets of things here and there, not enough to make a full blown article about any single item. So, we’re going to give you little news updates in bite sizes today. Let’s get started!




Verizon Expands 4G LTE Network - The last few articles I wrote have been kind of slamming Verizon for their plan changes, but this bit of news is actually very impressive. Everyone knows that cities usually offer the bestVerizon 4G LTE Coverage in 4G coverage, and that is even more true today. Verizon has expanded it’s 4G network into 46 cities and improved 4G coverage in 22 others, giving their city count to a whopping 304 US cities! Pretty darn good if you ask me. Now if only they aren’t so expensive to use…


Samsung Galaxy S III on Fire - I mean that literally. It seems some Galaxy S III’s are having an issue with car docks, causing the charge port part of the phone to overheat, and then melt and/or explode. The explosion isn’t enough to injure anyone, more of a pop really, but it seems to destroy any reception in the phone while leaving the screen intact. Although this is impressive for Samsung’s screen, it’s not really something a company wants to brag about. Samsung is investigating the incident at this very moment.


Future Phones to Include NFC - If you don’t know what NFC is, it literally means “Near Frequency Communication”. This technology was originally hyped up with Google wallets announcement of using NFC to hold all your credit cards on your cellphone. Which sounds dangerous, until you learn all your individual cards will have a pin password so no one can just open up you phone and charge away. I wrote an article on Google Wallet in September, and it seems, after almost an entire year, many phones later this year will include NFC. iPhone 5, Windows 8 phones and many Android devices will include this technology. I will write more on this development later, but it seems making your phone a wallet isn’t all developers want to do with NFC technology.


Facebook Find Friends is Old News - Facebook will be releasing an update to the Facebook app (no, it’s not something that will actually make that clunky software actually work), that will allow you to search for friends with your personal radius. It uses your GPS, along with others, to find people on Facebook nearby, for easy adding with friends you may have just met. Facebook hasn’t given details on privacy settings on this app, or how large of a range it actually gives you. Personally I think it is a unnecessary addition to an already clunky app.  It will be available for iPhone and Android cell phones soon.


iPhone Available on Two New Carriers Soon - Virgin Mobile and Cricket are two more additions to carriers with iPhone 4 and 4s’ on their shelves, or at least soon on their shelves. As more carriers are added to the list of iPhone providers, it is becoming more and more likely that folks may venture away from Verizon and AT&T for cheaper service and still get one of the best Smartphone’s on the market.



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