Who’s 3rd Quarter Was Shinier?

The results are in, some later than others and to some surprised gasps Apple is not number 1 this 3rd quarter. Although that shouldn’t be that big of a surprise since their Apple 4 was beginning to age compared to how quickly they released newer editions in the past, which will change this 4th quarter. Anyway, it seems two companies have sprung ahead of the fruit logo giant, HTC and Samsung. HTC, though late to the survey party, has beaten both Samsung and Apple pretty badly, shipping upwards of 5.7 Million smart phones this quarter. Which is pretty impressive when you take a look at the second placer, Samsung, with 4.9 million and Apple trailing in third at 4.6 million. Engadget has some more interesting information on this very subject.

Does this mean anything significant? Yes and no. Yes, because HTC phones are of great quality, especially their incredible line and samsung’s phones are well known for their clear and crisp screens on their Galaxy lines. The numbers speak for themselves in what the customer wants. No, because the iPhone 4s will change up that number right quick, and now that Nokia has some major Windows phones coming out, they may come running up to one the top spots. Not to mention the holiday season is obviously a busy time for any and all electronics.

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