Windows 8 Surface Pro’s Price Revealed

Microsoft Surface ProWith the release of the Windows RT, which is the Windows 8 Tablet that is more tablet than PC, folks have been waiting patiently to hear of the price of Windows Surface Pros, the tablets that are more PC than tablet. Well, the cats out of the bag, along with a release date and specific hardware specs, and folks may not be too quick to purchase Microsoft’s newest experiment upon release in January.

It was said, before we even heard a price point, that the Surface Pro will be comparably priced to the MacBook Air, and they were spot on. The 64GB version will cost around $900 while the 128GB version will cost around $1000. These prices do not include the keyboard touch cover, which will run the price up another $120 or $130. Upon initially seeing the price many tech journalists went on and compared it with the MacBook Air in price and hardware, which is ultimately comparable. It is semi warranted since Windows said the price will be just that, but as a device they are very different and shouldn’t be compared. What they should compare is equivalent Windows 8 Tablets and laptops being made by other companies. Because unlike MacBook Air’s, there are other companies making Windows 8 devices out there.

Now why shouldn’t people compare the MacBook Air to the Surface Pro’s? Well, the MacBook Air, number one, isn’t a touch screen tablet or a Windows 8 device. The beautiful thing about Windows is that others can make them

Windows 8 surface

These are the two options for keyboard covers for Windows Surface Pro and RT

and compete with the very creators of the OS, as oppose to a 100% closed system. When compared with other Windows 8 tablets and Laptops, we are left giving up some features for others. The Surface pros, which are more Laptop than Tablet (compared to the RT anyway) don’t have their own video card. This makes it not a very enticing buy for folks looking for something that can run games on the go. It can still play casual games with ease, but don’t expect it to run anything with heavy graphics. Not to mention, the battery life is only 4-5 hours, which would take a major hit when running anything hardware intensive.

Not to say the rest of the hardware in the Pro’s are anything to scoff at. With an i5 processor it can do quite a bit on it’s own, keeping up with most normal desktop applications. It has a 10.6 HD screen with 10 point multi touch. 4GB of RAM and USB 3.0, this tablet/laptop isn’t a light weight. Though, literally it is coming in at about two pounds. Much like Microsofts Xbox, this tablet contender is entering a crowded marketplace, making it a risk for the company. People aren’t sure Microsoft is taking a loss on this device, which many say they should to compete with Apple products, much like they did versus other gaming consoles with the Xbox.

Even I was tempted to buy this on day one, but with such a steep price, not including the keyboard, I may take a pass on this generation. The battery life is so-so, and I want a device I can take out for at least 10 hours before having to plug it in, so this product isn’t for me… yet. But many people online are obviously salivating at this products release, and I’m sure there are already plenty of pre-orders already in. Selling your iPad may not be a bad idea if you have an older model though, especially since trade in prices are high on those devices. That’s if you’re willing to make a new operating system jump though.


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