Windows Surface Pro 128GB Model Selling Out

Surface Pro 128GB sold outWindows Surface Pro went on sale last week and no one was sure how the public would react to the new device. The Windows RT didn’t sell wonderfully, but it also wasn’t terrible. Knowing that, some people expected doom and gloom with the Surface Pro’s release. Were people still excited? Maybe they were just waiting for the Pro instead of purchases a truncated version of Windows 8 in tablet form. That seems to be the case, at least with its immediate release. Several businesses has announced that their stock of the 128GB version of the Surface has sold out, leaving the 64GB version still scattered about at some locations.

Stock seems to be low for another reason, other than people buying them. Some locations, such as Staples, haven’t gotten any models. While some Best Buy’s only got a couple, which went out immediately to preorders, leaving walk in’s out of luck. Even the Microsoft online store and brick and mortar stores are sold out of the 128GB model within an hour of it’s release. The 64GB went out of stock online for a day before showing up again, while it stayed on shelves in most physical locations.

This has happened before with many different companies with many different products, such as the Nintendo Wii, selling out consistently for over a year. The problem Microsoft may run into is if demand for the product stays strong. Unlike Apple, There are many Windows 8 Tablets out there. With so many different companies coming out with products each coming month, they may find the Surface Pro being outdated within a few short months. If they keep selling out, causing more and more customers to wait, they may move on to a more updated product when it comes by.

That’s not to say that the Surface Pro is expected to be outdated that soon, it is an amazing machine according to the customers who got one. It is great at many things, not the best, but a great all around device. Besides it’s mediocre battery life, it does everything else wonderfully. A few customers have sold their iPad to get their hands on the Surface Pro, which doesn’t surprise us at all. We have yet to get our hands on one to try out, but you can be sure we’re excited to give it a shot. I, personally, will wait for prices to either go down, or a newer edition with improved battery life to be released. Hopefully the Surface Pro keeps it’s sales high so we can see more of this impressive device in the future.

Here’s an official release by Microsoft:

Customer response to the launch of Surface Pro has been amazing. We are working with our retail partners who are currently out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro to replenish supplies as quickly as possible. Our priority is to ensure that every customer gets their new Surface Pro as soon as possible

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