Your Mobile Phone Can Help You Save Your City


The political action group has recently launched a company called CitySourced, whose goal is to give the average citizen the ability to improve their city. CitySourced will soon release a pretty cool application for Blackberries, the iPhone, and Palms. The app will allow smartphone users to report any problems that they encounter in their city such as potholes, graffiti, fallen trees, etc., instantly. Via the app, any notification sent from a citizen will go straight to the city department responsible for fixing the issue.  GPS will even tell the department exactly where the problem was reported.

The program was demonstrated at the TechCrunch 50 conference in San Francisco earlier this month, and the city of San Jose, California has already purchased the program. Palm has also invested in the program, and they plan on marketing the app in conjunction with their phones in the near future. The app should be available for Blackberrys and the iPhone by the end of November.

Pete Constant, a member of the San Jose City Council who participated in CitySourced’s demonstration said that, “Currently, people typically wait until they get home to report a problem and may not do it for a few days, he said. The tool should also save city workers some of the time they now spend looking for problems.”

Once the program is in place in your city and you encounter a problem, filing a report will be quite simple. You need only to take a picture of the problem, open the application, choose a report type from a menu, type a few words in the report box, and hit send. There will also be a way for you to rate the severity of the problem so that the city will be able to prioritize responses.

The app seems like a great idea as long as the city is quick to respond by fixing the reported issues. Undoubtedly, conscientious citizens of major cities across the US are eager to participate in the improvement of their city, given the convenient opportunity. For more, visit the complete article from The New York Times.

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