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Welcome to The Blue Dot!

Buy a Used Phone or Refurbished Cell Phone From Us - We Plant A Tree

Plant a Billion Trees

That's right. For every refurbished or used cell phone purchased from our website, we will plant a tree through the Nature Conservancy Website - Plant A billion. Check back here for updates as to how many trees we have planted each month. Most people do not realize the impacts that used mobile phones have on the environment. We at The BlueDot want to bring awareness by making a difference. Over 150 million used cell phones are dumped into landfills each year in the US alone. The waste from these used mobile devices really is adding up and fast! In 1995 less than half a million people had a phone in the US. Today close to 300 million people in the US use cell phones. Every 18 months the average cell phones user get a new device while the used phone generally gets placed in a drawer somewhere or even worse, thrown away. We at The BlueDot also pay cash for used cell phones and will recycle your old phone free of charge. Our goal to start is 5,000 trees. You can make a difference.