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Backup Assistant, Get it Now, Media Center Verizon Instructions

We have recently learned that it is possible to get Backup Assistant, Get it Now, and Media Center features working on certain Verizon phone models. Verizon has told us that if the phone is taken into a store that supports "Software Upgrading" then they MAY be able to get these features of the phone working. We state in our description that these features may not be available As of March 25th, 2011 and to check with Verizon prior to purchasing the phone if these features are important to you.

Step 1 - Find a Verizon store by entering your zip code here.

Step 2 - Under the "Nearest Stores" > "Store Features" - Look for "Software Upgrading available"

Step 3 - I would first call the store prior to taking your phone in for the upgrade to make sure they can upgrade your device. Prior to taking your phone to the store I would suggest asking them if they provide upgrade assistance for Backup Assistant, Get it Now and Media Center features. Generally, only Verizon corporate stores can do these type of upgrades.

PLEASE NOTE - We highly suggest activating your Verizon Wireless device by following our Verizon Activation Instructions rather than taking your phone into the Verizon Store for the following reasons:

  1. It is much faster and is usually a lot less of a hassle.
  2. Seeing that you did not buy your phone from the Verizon Store - the sales person is not obligated to help you and will most likely make up a reason your phone is not working or try to sell you something you do not need.