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T-mobile Blackberry Internet & MMS Instructions

T-Mobile Internet & data settings: Non-T-Mobile BlackBerry phones

Your Blackberry device has already been unlocked to use with all GSM Sim Cards. 

The following instructions must be followed EXACTLY as written, and this Blackberry you received from us WILL work on T-mobile network. 

Before you start

a) You must have THE BlackBerry Data Plan (BIS) on your carrier account.

b) Install your current OS on your BlackBerry device to your PC.
If you are using a beta OS, it must be installed on the PC. Find the most current OS release for your model in this same 9500/9530 model section, in the Sticky Notes at the top.

c) You must also have Desktop Manager installed on your PC.
Desktop Manager download here

On T-Mobile, follow these directions:

1. Download the TMobile service books here. Unzip the file on your PC and remember where you placed the file on your PC.

2. On the PC, go to C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\ResearchInMotion\Share d\LoaderFiles\OS version\Java. 
Create a new folder and name it TMO. Find the .cod named net_rim_bb_browser_daemon and move the cod to your new folder.

3. Plug in device and open DM > AppLoader > Add/Remove Programs and work your way through the process to remove the net_rim_bb_browser_daemon module. You won't notice any changes until after you see the Application loader screen, don't click any check boxes, just click Next, and then Finish. ONLY after clicking Finish will you see a quick notice that the browser_daemon module is being removed.
Close DM on completion. Allow your Storm to reboot.

4. Open DM again. Go to Backup/Restore > Advanced. On the right is the Storm's data and service books. On the left select File > Open > Select the service book file you downloaded. Click once to highlight it, and then click the bottom arrow (to move it from the left box to the right). 
Go back to main menu of DM.

5. Go to C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\ResearchInMotion\Share d\Loader\OS version\Java then to the folder you created named TMO. Right click the module > Cut. 
Go back to main Java folder and paste it back.

6. Plug in device and open DM > AppLoader > Add/Remove > and proceed your way through. You will see net_rim_bb_browser_dameon.cod file being replaced.

7. Now go to T=Mobile BIS Page log in and resend your service books.

8. On your Storm go to Option > Advanced Options > TCP/APN should say 
Username: [leave blank]
Password: [leave blank]

OR, you may try these new Tmobile TCP settings:
Username: [leave blank]
Password: [leave blank]

9. You may need to reboot the BB one more time.
IF, after about 15 minutes, you don't get full caps EDGE which sticks to EDGE, do this:

On your BlackBerry

10a. Go to Manage Connections > Mobile Network Options > Network Mode > change 3G & 2G to be 2G only and escape out.
10b. Go to Options > Mobile Network > Network Technology and change the setting from 1XEV to GSM/UTMS.

11. Then go to Manage Connections > Mobile Network > and UNcheck your service, wait for it to show OFF in the signal indicator area at the top of your screen.

12. Now, return to the same Manage Connections > Mobile Network > and CHECK your Mobile Network to be back enabled. You may have to do this 3-5 times, each time being patient for the OFF signal indicator. Then give the device five minutes to gain EDGE. If it doesn't rinse and repeat #2 and 3 here.

You should be ok from there once it reaches EDGE again.