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Need help getting your Unlocked Blackberry Storm 9530 working with AT&T or T-Mobile?

This guide also works with other Unlocked Blackberry Smartphones. Including the Blackberry Bold 9650, Blackberry Storm 9550, and other Unlocked Blackberry devices.

If your phone does not say sim card rejected when you place it in your phone, your device is 100% definitely unlocked! There is no such thing as a partially unlocked Blackberry phone. All features of the phone will work if you follow the instructions below. We have sold thousands of this model and the instructions below are guaranteed to work if followed correctly. AT&T and T-Mobile phone support, may not provide support for this device since it is technically a device manufactured for Verizon.

This is much simpler then it looks. Do not be alarmed :-)

In order to use this phone with any GSM SIM card you must do the following:

Step 1 - Press The Blackberry Button / Menu Button (Button with 7 silver dots that is next to green call button)

Step 2 - Select Options -> Mobile Network

Step 3 - Make Sure Data Services is Turned On & While Roaming is Turned On

Step 4 - Under Network Technology Choose GSM/UMTS -> Network Selection Mode: Automatic -> Network Mode: 2G (Note - The Storm does not work with AT&Ts 3G network)

Step 5 - Make sure Mobile Network is changed to whatever SIM card you have inserted (For example, if you are using AT&T, you would set the phone to "AT&T" here)

Your phone should now work with your provider.

Having trouble with the internet browser or MMS on your Unlocked Storm?

T-mobile Instructions

AT&T Instructions

Change "My Number" on your Blackberry Storm

  • Press ##000000 send (green key)
  • Replace existing phone number with your number. Click on the top number to edit.
  • Click the Blackberry menu button and select save. Your phone will reboot and the new number will be saved in your device.

Unlocked Blackberry Storm Phones for Sale

Need to purchase an unlocked Blackberry Storm phone that works with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers Canada, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile (GSM) or any other GSM network worldwide?